Estate Bungalows, security vehicles, public properties in J&K, the sole preserve of BJP: Harsh

Alleging conferment of multifarious facilities by the present regime to ex-MLAs/ex-Ministers of BJP to the exclusion of all other political parties, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister said that J&K continued to witness two sets of laws even after the abrogation of its special status. He expressed his dismay over the open violation of SOPs and guidelines in the matter of allotment of government accommodation so to confer undue and illegitimate benefits upon the political persons owing allegiance to a particular party.

It was shocking to note that BJP leaders who were not holding any position in government and fell in common man’s category were occupying not only ‘special type’, ‘A-type’ Estates mansions but many of them were still living in Ministerial Bungalows. And while the opposition leaders including ex-ministers and heads of recognized political parties were hounded out of Estates quarters’ years back through the police force, the said BJP workers were allowed to retain the same thereby providing the most glaring example of present govt’s dictatorial and autocratic policies besides being indicative of patronized corruption in BJP rule. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

Not only the Estates Bungalows but the security vehicles and PSOs were also being allotted purely on political considerations, said Singh. He pointed out that all the ex-MLAs and ex-Ministers of BJP were provided security vehicles and huge paraphernalia of security personnel while denying bare minimum security to opposition leaders. He said that the heads of recognized political parties have also been divested of their due security by withdrawing their escorts, vehicles as well as security PSOs.

Seeking a high-level probe into the whole gamut of security allotment, Singh called for punitive action against the officers who were acting more as BJP servants than public servants. He said that non-adherence to any set of norms and differential treatment of political parties by abusing of public exchequer and conferring benefits upon favourites was not only a crime but a financial scam which needed due attention of the Lt. Governor and Chief Secretary of the UT.