Ethics of student politics

Student politics is a multilayered term that opens up a Pandora’s Box when one tries to analyze it in the given perspective of today’s Gen-X of Jammu. Those with sense of purpose are always complete supporters of this trend till it deals with real cause-based politics with a hint of social responsibility thrown in.
But what has been happening in Jammu University, its affiliated colleges and also some city schools in the name of ‘student politics’ is anything but alarming.
Someone rightly said that to test the real value of a man give him power and see what he does with it. Sadly, one would not want that kind of power to be ever handed over to the wannabe political rookies of various political outfits who are seen strutting corridors of colleges and university departments flexing muscles, displaying brawn rather than brains and forcing young scared
students to bow to their dictates, whether
right or wrong.
There are a few who probably don’t follow the corrupted ways but largely the scene is pretty dismal. To be a leader means to lead by example- in no way referring to the senseless and impractical austerity drives by certain higher-ups more driven by
electoral wins than the original Gandhi’s
frugal ways.
But what kind of examples do we have in our student politics in Jammu- of those who can’t pass university exams for years, of those who are known more for their physical ability rather than an intellectual one, of those who take up nondescript courses just to hang around some more in the youth wings, of those who are party to drunken brawls on campus rather than any knowledge building or awareness creating exercises- basically those who can pass off more as goons rather than student leaders.
These are not leaders but more like politicians in the making- and we have abundance of this type already. Common populace should be spared of the trouble of voting for another ‘hardcore’ leader. ‘Terror’ is what is used (though in more attenuated forms) by many young political honchos who claim to be representatives of student masses, to herd out the beleaguered youngsters unwillingly out of their classes.
Fear factor becomes their foremost ploy in this irrational game of no gain. What kind of political agenda or clout would it be if you are gaining a motley crowd of protesters who neither understand what they are protesting for or against nor know a better way to bunk a class. So hurrah! The young political gun manages to gather a crowd which is neither discerning nor interested but just plain happy that there won’t
be any classes.

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