Eve Teasing

Dear Editor,

Eve Teasing is a typical social crime. It is the sexual harassment or molestation of women by men. It is prevalent almost everywhere, but in India, especially in the cities; you can’t be a woman and not have been its victim at some point in your life.

It ranges in severity from sexually evocative remarks to out-and-out groping. Wherever you go in India, be it the mall, the bus stand, the railway station, the theatre, colleges, schools, if you are a woman you can’t escape it. Many believe that it is the clothing of women that elicits such uncouth behaviour, but the sad truth is that even conservatively dressed Muslim women who wear a ‘burqa’ over their clothes leaving only the eyes and feet visible are subjected to it.

There are different levels of eve teasing and the very word teasing kind of belies the actual scale of harassment it implies. Women are subjected to lewd remarks, cat calls, outstretched hands that reach out for their private parts, pinching and even groping. I have witnessed episodes of eve teasing that have left me feeling distressed, oppressed, used, wishing I was not born a woman.


Yawar Khan

Talab Khatikan, Jammu






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