Even Twitter is all tickled with Delhi’s odd car formula

Your car’s registration number was probably never as important as it is now, neither did it hold such power. The Delhi Chief Minister’s solution to the Capital’s pollution woes is odd, yet evenly balanced to say the least.

Among other mundane solutions like shut down power plants, vacuum clean roads, restrict parking, the most talked about step is plying of cars on roads on particular days depending on the odd or even last digit of your car’s number plate from January 1.

As soon as the news came out, the ever-opinionated netizens were quick to respond. While some saw it as an encouragement for people to buy two cars with different number plates, others had valid reasons for not making it to work at all. Looking at the chaos over this decision, there were people who just couldn’t stop laughing and took to Twitter to tickle the funny bone over #DelhiOddEvenLogic.


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