Excise and Taxation Complex locked down

Members of the trading community as well as Chamber of Commerce marched towards the Excise and Sales Tax department and locked the premises as a protest against the raise in taxes by the government. The representatives alleged foul play wherein the budget was being presented by the government till 4pm on the 31st of May and at 4:15pm official notifications had been rolled out. The representatives complained that the proposals in the budget were not even laid out for discussion as the procedure demands and the taxes were made effective right away which is not acceptable constitutionally. They further complained that the government has reasoned saying that the taxes have to be increased because the state is disturbed. “On one hand they say the state is disturbed and on the other in the same state with limited means of making money, they are increasing taxes? What line of reasoning is that?” said a member of the CCI who did not want to be named.
Last evening, A decision was taken by both the Chambers of Jammu and Kashmir to protest and agitate against the increased taxes in the budget and both the Chambers have demanded a total roll back to make it clear to the government that no additional VAT / Toll tax will be allowed to be imposed as higher taxes give rise to unethical activities.
The spokespersons present alleged that the taxes have been increased as they allow the opportunity for bribes further claiming that the finance department wanted exactly that to earn through corrupt practices.
It was decided by both the Chambers of Jammu and Kashmir that both Jammu and Kashmir province shall observe total shut down on June 4 Saturday and if the government does not roll back the hike on VAT / Toll tax on permanent basis, same may turn in indefinite shut down. The Chamber thanks the political parties for raising the issue for this illogical hike in VAT and toll tax especially the National Conference and special thanks to the BJP who inspite of being part of the collation government and were not taken into confidence fully supported the cause of the Chamber.

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