Expose those who forced Gandhi’s grandson to live in old age home

Dear Editor,
It refers to big media-hype on one of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson together with his wife now forced to live in an old-age home near Delhi. Of course, it is unfortunate in Indian society that old persons have to go in old-age homes mainly because of being deserted by younger ones in their families.
In present case childless husband-wife duo is well educated having spent good part of their lives till recently in USA at dignified postings.
But to make their now living in old-age home near Delhi a news-item only because he happens to be a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi is not enough. It is greatness of the childless couple that they are not uttering a single word against those responsible for sending them to old-age home. However governments should avoid any special privilege to the couple only because of their being grandson etc will set a wrong precedent, and must be avoided.
But governments and media should investigate about money they earned and saved while their being on dignified postings in India, USA and elsewhere.
Those having benefitted from their earnings and savings must be exposed and taken to task for deserting the highly qualified couple that they are now forced to live in old-age homes.
Incident is not uncommon in Indian society where such childless couples having lived for some near ones might have been deserted after such childless couples having lost utility for those very near ones!
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
DELHI 110006 (India)

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