Facebook suspends account of a girl called ‘Isis’ due to ‘error’

In recent events, many of social media platform Facebook’s actions have drawn a lot of flak from users and members. These include the site blocking articles and taking down user accounts without so much as a verification. The latest to join the club is Isis Anchalee, an engineer who had her Facebook account suspended on November 18 for reasons known only to Facebook bots.


Though, it can be speculated that the reason may be that her name is “Isis”, which may have confused the Facebook bots, which thought it referred to the terror outfit ISIS — the Islamic Slate. Anchalee took to Twitter to complain about the matter. She wrote to Facebook’s Twitter page (@facebook), “why would you disable my personal account? MY REAL NAME IS ISIS ANCHALEE”. She even tweeted on her own page.


2015-11-18 17_42_16-Facebook suspends account of a girl called ‘Isis’ due to ‘error’ _ The Indian Ex

Facebook has blamed the suspension on its spam filters, which apparently automatically takes down accounts through an internal process. “This was an error made as part of a fake account reporting process and we’re sorry for the trouble it caused,” the company said in a statement to NBC News. Isis Anchalee is not an unknown name.

Anchalee started a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer, reflecting on how women are seen in the tech field. She was, in fact, surprised how her most famous tweet was about her account-block while she has writes on so many other relevant topics.

Interestingly, Anchalee did not want to comment on Facebook taking down her account despite complaining about it and her tweet going viral. A few reporters got in touch with her on Twitter to take her comment but were faced with an outright refusal.

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