Fake Baba encroaching land forcefully PDP workers

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Nowshera, September 2
People of village Rajal near TCP Bridge alleged that one fake Baba Satpaul Nath is illegally forcefully encroaching 1 kanal land and make a kutia and then he sale to other party, ownership of that land is peoples democratic party (PDP),s worker Chaman Lal. Few days ago baba and his devotees attacked to this innocent family few days ago then the daughters of Chaman Lal,s was injured they lodged FIR against culprits but SHO Nowshera couldn’t any action against fake Baba.
They urged to chief minister (CM) of J&K Mehaboba Mufti for inquire this matter and order to action against accused.
Government of J&K is totally failed for take action against landgrabbers Baba and other land scams such as Forest land, Custodian land and state land thousands of kanal lands encroaching by different baba in district Rajouri. The new land scam seen by in village Rajal near TCP Bridge. This land of khasra number 460 measuring 5 kanal land allotted by dafa 3 intkal in favour of Chaman Lal son of Bacchitter Lal residence of Village Rajal near TCP Bridge of block Nowshera. Chaman Lal and his family alleged to fake Baba they said he is not Baba he is sapera (snake catcher) his original name is SatPaul Nath but he changed his own name Paul Nath. PDP workers Chaman and his family said fake Baba Satpaul Nath was come in block Nowshera Of village Seri in 2004. He come in our house in month of August 2009 he request us give me permission for some day in your land for start langer for devotees of Buddha Amarnath for some days then I agreed. They said same every year Baba came my house for permission of langer I always agreed but in 2013 Baba fake girdavery of my 1 kanal and some marle land illegally snake catcher Baba Satpaul Nath. He is living in district Sirsa from state Haryana he have four sons and one daughter. They also said supera Baba Satpaul Nath want to encroach this land then he sale to other party many land scams done by this fake Baba. They said fake Baba is involved in different criminal cases in Haryana State FIR no 130 dated 18-09-2011 under section 323/147/148/452/506 IPC we have many solid proof. They said on 02 October 2014 fake Baba Satpaul Nath tension arose between the groups with regard to organization langer on the eve of Ram Navmi in Mangal Devi Mata in fort Seri area. Innocent family also said Baba and his goons threatened us we will kill all of your family members they said if any loss of our any family member then guilty will fake supera Baba.

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