Farmers forced to take back the crop from Paddy purchase centre


Helpless farmers who work day and night for our Country’s basic need of food took their grains to the paddy purchase centre but were unfortunately forced to take them back due to moisture in the grains. According to them, they had brought the grains here around 15 days before and were airing them with fan since last 2 days.

One of the farmers said “We brought the grains here few days back and are airing them since last 2 days. How can they say that there is moisture in the grains? And even if it is there then instead of waiting for 2 more days they are telling us to immediately return. People behind us in waiting lines are bribing the department and getting their work done before us. What sort of Mandi is this? We neither have any awareness nor any facility. This is not at all fair!”

The farmers are terrified with this heartless behaviour of the Agriculture department. They have even complained about the labourers threatening them to leave their work.

“We are paying Rs 40/quintal for labour and still getting threats from labourers of leaving their work. We are not afraid of any blackmails or threats. All should remember that if a farmer can grow food, he can sell it also.” added the other.

These poor hard working farmers travel to and fro everyday for their work and are still paying extra money for their grains. Some of them even have to wait starving for the entire day. They demand the Agriculture Department to work in a proper way which is suitable for everyone and request the Administration to have an inquiry about this. It is a matter of shame for us to see our food givers cry for their livelihood. Though our Country has big and successful businessmen right now, we should not forget/ignore the roots of our country after all “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” quote is what needs to be kept in mind.