Farooq opens fresh cards, says Pakistan never wanted to see peace in Kashmir

Pardeep Singh Bali

Questioning the integrity of ‘belligerent’ Pakistan towards Kashmir, Former Chief Minister-Dr Farooq Abdullah said that neighbouring country never wanted to see peace in the Valley.
In an exclusive talks with JK Media, Dr Farooq Abdullah said, “Pakistan ke paas himmat nahi ke India se J&K le sake (Pakistan has no courage to take away J&K from India).”
He added, “Everybody, including Pakistan knows that it is not possible, so the two nations must sit together and find an alternative to the problem.”
While talking about the lingering violence in Kashmir valley and intermittent spar on borders between the two countries, Dr Abdullah said that the only way out to this problem is ‘peaceful talks’.
“I always try to tell people that the pseudo war they have waged within the valley will bring no peace in the state, but the people who are enjoying the patronage of Pakistan, elicit a parallel propaganda and term me an agent of India,” Dr Farooq said, “Jo log Pakistan ke paiso pe pal rahe hai mujhe India ka agent kehte hai (Those people who have sold their conscience call me an agent of India). I am not agent of anybody, but people.”
Suggesting that there is only one solution to usher peace in Jammu and Kashmir, besides sub continent is peaceful acceptance of drawn lines.
“Iss problem ka sirf ek hi hal hai, who hissa Kashmir ka udhar rehne do, yeh hissa idhar, aur dono taraf autonomy barkraar rahe (The only solution to this problem must be, that part of Kashmir should remain with them and this part must remain with us and both the parts enjoy autonomy),” Dr Abdullah said and added by this the borders will calm down and both parts will prosper. “This is the only solution. By this way we can prosper, we can trade better, we can have matrimonial alliance and can freely move from one part to another,” Dr Abdullah suggested.
When asked about the role of National Conference in putting forth these suggestions, Dr Farooq Abdullah said that the party always proposed peaceful talks to end this imbroglio.
“Not many people know this that during the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India proposed same suggestions to Pakistan, but defiant Pakistan did not adhere to the requests,” he said.
“Vajpayee sahib went to Pakistan and spoke to Musharraf regarding ending this imbroglio, but Pakistan denied the proposal, citing inappropriate time,” Dr Abdullah said and added that Vajpayee sahib told Musharraf to keep that part of Kashmir and let this part to prosper with India.
Shrewd Pakistan did not agree. “Musharraf told Vajpayee sahib that situation is inappropriate at this moment and will think about this suggestion in future,” he said.

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