Fast Track Court frame rape charges against then SHO Khour

Fast Track Court, Presiding Officer Kishore Kumar today framed rape charges against then Station House Officer (SHO), Mohammad Iqbal, Police Station Khour.

The charges framed against the then SHO were under section 376(2) (A) (iii) and 342 RPC were charged against Mohd Iqbal, then SHO Police Station Khour.

According to the prosecution case is that on May 10, 2016, complainant has filed a complaint before SDPO, Akhnoor stating therein that she on her own went with one Vicky Kumar on October 27, 2015 in order to solemnize marriage with her and went to Katra and remained stayed thereon that day and on next day i.e. on October 28, 2015, they went to Akhnoor Court and solemnize marriage there and again went back to Katra and thereafter on the same day in the evening, her husband, namely Vicky Kumar received a phone call of her cousin, who has deposed that police of police post, Pallanwala had taken the father of her husband (i.e. father of Vicky Kumar) and the authorities of police post are calling both of them there. On October 29, 2015, they went to police post, Pallanwala and came to know that her father had lodged a complaint against her husband (i.e. Vicky Kumar) and on the same day police had taken them to Police Station, Khour and police had arrested her husband and a lady police took her in the residential quarter and in the night said lady told her to go to the room of SHO and obey the orders of SHO Sahib but I did not agree with her and I never went to the room of SHO. Thereafter, on the next day, they remained lodged in Police Station, Khour and in the night one Mamta Devi (SPO) took her to the room of SHO Police Station, Khour and when I reached the room of SHO, he switched off the lights of his room and forcibly committed rape upon her for about two hours and thereafter said Mamta Devi had threatened her not to disclose the incident to anyone, otherwise they will sent her husband to Jail and because of the said threat she had not disclosed the said incident to anyone.

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