Fate of Rehriwala in Jammu city

The fate of Rehriwala and Fadiwala selling fruits, vegetables, tea and other eatable things is not only hanging in balance but at stake as Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) often cracks down on them, slap fine and confiscate their Rehries.
Agreed that growing strength of Rehries in the city is making congestion on roads and lanes, choking traffic movement but without making any alternative arrangements for them the action on the part of JMC is
not justified.
It has also been seen that several Rehriwala are moving from one place to other thereby giving temporary inconveniences, which should be tolerated for the sake of these hapless community till permanent solution is made.
On the other hand several Rehriwala have complained that the space for large number of Rehries is not enough for Rehri Zone earmarked by the administration while others rued that new zones for them had virtually very less or no customers, resulting into reduction of their sale of their items and with this decision, most of them have no option but to leave the business for obvious reasons
It has been learnt that former JMC Commissioner earmarked Rehri Zone at Dogra Hall, Gandhi Nagar, Green Belt and other areas but it was not approved by the successive incumbent.
According to the present Joint Commissioner of JMC, the matter of Rehri Zone and Rehri wala is under consideration.
It is well known to everybody that unemployment in J&K state is rampant and growing every day. There is no big industrial units and state government cannot absorb such a large scale unemployed youths in their departments. Therefore, the people are doing small business like setting up Rehri and Fadi to earn their livelihood.
The local administration particularly JMC should have given thought to the hardships particularly financial hardships to these people before falling axe on these poor people.
The youths engaged in Rehri and Fadi are mostly poor and they are pulling on expenditure of their families with this business without taking any assistance from the government.
A democratic elected government is of the people and meant for the people and if any policy or order cause harassment and snatch livelihood particularly of deprive section of society then the government should give a thought over this decision.
Moreover a government, which is facing unemployment problems at large scale, should at least feel satisfied that unemployed youths are earning their livelihood with their own effort without anything asking from them.
Instead of adding their miseries, the government should come to their rescue by giving benefits of various welfare schemes launched from time to time.
It is desirable that before cracking down on Rehriwala, JMC first of all should make a new Rehri Zone policy keeping in convenience of the public, congestion on roads and above all not affecting their livelihood
of Rehriwala.
Till the time new Rehri Zone are not earmarked, all Rehriwala running their business should be allowed to carry on business with the honour and dignity they deserve.

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