FC Bhagat re-elected as president of all J&K Sadguru Kabir Sabha

The All J&K Shri Sadguru Kabir Sabha’s election concluded today for the post of President & General Secretary under the supervision of Election cell of the Sabha headed by Prof. Ashok Bhagat on 29.05.2016 at Kabir Mandir, Janipur. F.C Bhagat (KAS) Dy’ Commissioner (Retd) is re-elected as President of the Sabha for consecutively 2nd time & Manohar Lal as Gen. Secretary. In response to the notification issued by the election cell of the Sabha dated 12.05.16 & after completing the whole process both the post of the Sabha were filled after adopting the democratic procedure. After declaration of the result, a general meeting of the Bhagat community was convened at Kabir Mandir Janipur under the chairmanship of Mula Ram, Ex-minister where various issues for the welfare of the community were
discussed & appropriate decision were taken.
The elected President F.C Bhagat gave his vote of thanks to the whole Bhagat community who restored their faith & trust & gave the responsibility for 2nd time as President of the Sabha. While addressing other important issues Bhagat appealed to all other social organisations working for the welfare of the backward communities to keep a cordial relation among each other so as work out the modalities for the upliftment of the downtrodden. After thorough discussion with the participants, FC Bhagat nominated other office bearers of the Sabha & declared the present structure consisting of Mula Ram (Ex-Minister) Chief Patron, Bhushan Lal Dogra,
VC of SC advisory board as Patron, J L Bhagat (KAS) as Patron, G L Bhagat (IAS) Sr’ Vice President, Prof Ashok Bhagat, Vice President, Madan lal, V.President, Chaman Lal, V.President, Dr Buti Ram, V.President, Gurbhachan Bhagat, (CAO Retd), Accounts committee Head along with Babu Ram & Ravinder Bhagat as members, Bishan Lal, Sain Dass, Yash Pal & Subhash Bhagat (Secretary), Dr Gurdass Bhagat, Chairman of the litigation cell. The Sabha also constituted 2 advisory committees headed by Dr KC Bhagat, Chairman of Retd
officers & O P Bhagat, (KAS), Chairman of in-service officers. The President of the Sabha also dissolved all the district & block bodies & all Kabir mandir committees & announced that the newly bodies shall be in place by the ending July 2016. However the present district block committees shall function as care taker bodies till the election process was completed.

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