Female foeticide

Dear Editor,

Since the ancient time, women in the Indian society are considered as a curse for their family and society. Due to these reasons, female foeticide has been in practice for many years in the India from the time of technological advancement.

According to the census of 2001, female and male ratio has been 927 to 1000. Few years ago, almost all the couple was used of the sex determination tests to know the sex of the infant before birth. And abortion was sure in case of girl baby.

Development of ultrasound technique was the origin of sex determination tests in the early 1990’s. People in the Indian society are used to of giving birth to the child continuously until they get boy baby by killing the baby girl earlier to the boy.

In order to control the population and stop female foeticide, Government of India made various rules and regulations against female foeticide and trend of abortions after sex determination tests. Killing of a baby girl through abortion has been an offence all through the country. Doctors found performing sex determination tests and abortions especially for killing girl baby would be guilty and lose their license. Awareness about the importance of girl child in the society is major weapon to get relief from the female foeticide.


Happy Singh

Digiana, Jammu

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