Files to be Entertained only through e-office mode after November 30: Govt

J&K government on Saturday ordered that all communications and files from the Heads of Departments (HoDs) would be entertained only through e-office mode after November 30.

The government also fixed a deadline of November 20 for the HoDs to avail any assistance or to hand-hold from the Information Technology (IT) department.

“After which it shall be presumed that all HoDs are functioning one-office only. Further, failure of any Head of the Department in switching over to e-office mode shall be their responsibility and shall invite appropriate action,” warned GAD Commissioner Manoj Kumar Dwivedi.

He also directed the HoD offices, whose scanning activities had not yet started, to immediately begin using e-office with current dak, without waiting to scan all files or documents.

Dwivedi noted that all Heads of the Departments were directed to switch over to the e-office mode of working with assistance/ handholding from the Information Technology Department within a week in terms of the government order number 820-JK(GAD) of 2021 dated September 2, 2021, and a circular number 37-JK(GAD) of 2021 dated September 20, 2021.

In pursuance of these directions, all HoDs, inclusive of the move as well as non-move offices, situated outside the Civil Secretariat, were provided necessary assistance by way of provisioning of the VPN connections, creation of domain IDs ( email IDs) and training of local admins or Master Trainers etc. by Information Technology department.

“Accordingly, it is at this moment reiterated that any HOD office, which is yet to initiate the implementation of e-office, shall immediately contact the Nodal officers notified for the purpose by or before November 20, 2021, for any further assistance or handholding,” he stated.

Directing the HoD offices to start using e-office with current dak, without waiting for scanning of all files or documents, he stated that the scanning of leftover files or dak of their departments would start separately, for which the Information Technology department would issue the roster.

“To ensure the compliance to these directions, it is enjoined upon all Administrative Secretaries to intervene personally and issue necessary directions to all the concerned that communications or files are entertained only through e-office mode from their HoDs after November 30 2021,” Dwivedi instructed.