Finance Minister sends ‘Loud and Clear’ message to anti-nationals

Harbans S Nagokay

Loud and clear, the Union Finance Minister-Arun Jaitley, who happens to be the son-in-law of Jammu, has sent out message that the government will not spare any anti-national on its territory. He also said that there will be no compromise with those involved in violence.

Union Finance Minister said this while giving tributes to Duggar leader-pandit Premnath Dogra at Smailpur area of Samba, during celebrations of 70 years of Independence.

“The Union Minister while addressing the gathering indicated strict action against those involved in violence in Kashmir. His saying that no anti-national will be spared, shows that center has already drafted a policy to deal with those inciting violence in the valley,” said political observers, adding “Arun Jaitley not only referred to prolonged violence in the Valley, but also talked about development in the state, which makes it evident that central government is not anti-people and anti-Kashmir, but it is apparently against those elements who are exploiting the situation.”

Taking dig at the opposition parties of playing petty politics, Union Finance Minister said that these parties are ‘unfortunately’ defending riots and violence.

“The reference of union minister towards opposition parties in Kashmir, who are flaring up the issue out of proportion, give indications that center is concerned about prevailing situation in Kashmir and will not let opposition to exploit the moment,” observers said.

Accusing Pakistan of carrying proxy war against India by abusing emotional susceptibilities of people in Kashmir, Union Finance Minister said that the neighbour country has been frustrated after being razed down by the India in three previous wars.

“It is true that Pakistan cannot face the might of India and they have experienced this thrice, now they have turned to proxy war, by pumping hawala money in Kashmir to incite violence,” Jaitley said and added that those people outside the state, who talk about Human Right Violations in Kashmir must visit the camps of security forces and hospitals to see how many security personnel are badly injured, isn’t it a human right violation.

“When India became free in 1947, it was created for peace and development whereas Pakistan was created only to divide India,” Jaitley said.

“In 2008 and 2010, they gave the new face of stone pelting to their proxy war and that is what is happening in the valley this time also,” he added.

The Minister said militancy and stone pelting need to be dealt firmly and no laxity to be shown in dealing with such situations.

The statement given by Finance Minister would not only give sleepless nights to Pakistani supporters –separatists but it would give BJP edge over its opponents in the state.


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