Finger food ideas for a perfect party

March 19: Teeny, tiny, snacks are the best pick when you plan to host a party. Plan your beanfeast with these easy and delicious bite sized appetisers. Not only they are easy to make and serve but these small packs are full of scrumptious flavours.

No matter what’s the occasion, you will always be ready to pop these finger foods left and right in your mouth.

Make room for these tantalizing tiny appetisers and take your guests to a mouth-watering gastronomic journey that they will remember for eternity. Put these on your food list for next house party. Let your guests explore their taste goblets with these latest mini bites that are making buzz in town.

  • Pulled pork slidersTry out these tiny burgers and you will fall in love with them. One bite and we bet, you wouldn’t think twice before popping another into your mouth. The bun is stuffed with slow cooked pulled pork barbecue spice rub, fresh lettuce leaf and filled with grated scamorza cheese.
  • Champagne Mushroom Fricassee

    You might have never tasted this before, but these tiny bites are best for your palate. It tastes so tender and crispy that you just cannot resist it. This one consists of wild mushrooms sauteed in champagne vinegar loaded with Parmesan cheese.

  • Flatbreads

    Belonging from pizza family, flatbreads are light in calories but packed with wholesome flavours. You can always customise the topping of this dish. Take tiny delicious bites of it and enjoy it with your favourite drink.

  • Lava Stone Grilled Chicken

    Made in red wine, the chicken is roasted. The tenderness of the chicken is mouth-watering and the meat is cooked to perfection. Make small portions of Lava Stone Grilled Chicken. Roasted chicken served on bed of mashed potatoes with fresh grilled vegetable and hint of black pepper.

    “It all started when I realised that this city is growing an affinity for food, so we wanted to create a stylish space with delicious finger foods. The food is served in a fusion style and is filled with delicious flavour,” says Dishant Pritamani

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