First female Auto driver of Udhampur, Meet Banjeet Kaur

Banjeet Kaur, a courageous girl from Udhampur who started driving an auto rickshaw during Covid-19 has made everyone proud of her.

According to Banjeet, it was the financial crisis of her family that made her take this step. “My father drives a Private School bus. Since Schools got closed due to Covid-19, my father lost his job. I picked up the keys of the auto rickshaw we had and started driving it. My motive was to support my family.”


Banjeet said that she was encouraged enough to make a driving licence for herself back in 2017. She’s always dreamt if being a driver in Indian Army. “When I decided to drive an auto, the question was about driving license but I had already made it in 2017. I can drive all the vehicles be it 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. The RTO officers during my test encouraged and even praised me when I told them about my dreams.”

“I’ll continue driving auto till my father gets back to work. I’m studying side by side. I’m in the 2nd year of my graduation, NCC candidate, also reached National level in Martial Arts and want to join the Indian Army as a driver.” She added.\

The brave girl said that girls can never be a burden to their families. They need to work and be self dependent.

“We are 4 sisters which means 6 members in the family. When they needed me I volunteered to help my family including me. How can a girl be burden to anyone? Girls like Avni Chaturvedi are flying with colours these days. If you don’t give a chance to any girl, how will she move forward in her life? Let’s motivate all the girls, give them a chance to prove themselves and let them be ‘aatmanirbhar’ (self dependent).”