Fitness trends to watch out for in 2017

With FitBit on one hand and a pear in the other, most of us started our 2016 with one thought: to become fitter and better versions of our-2015-selves. While the tenth day of January saw many of us falling away from our fitness goals with the onset of coldest days, there were many that managed to beat all odds with the workout that they loved. The perfect fitness mantra remains: do what you love! From Zumba to cardio dance to group activity, we have tried everything to fit into our college jeans. And with so many options to choose from, we bring you fitness trends to lookout for in 2017 that may make your new year merrier:An upper body workout that will shape your glutes, core muscles and back. With many gyms and fitness centers including this in weight-loss and strength training, this trend is sure to top your list of workouts in 2017.
We have all done yoga on ground, but it’s time to do it in the air.
With the help of aerials, this form helps in gaining flexibility and strengthening your body.Going to gym is old news. With many new age fitness centers coming up, this activity is on everyone’s list. So be it rain or the coldest day of the season, you don’t need to break your fitness regime! Love them and workout like them! Animal form, a new form of exercise is increasingly becoming famous. It helps in increasing flexibility and core stability.
Not new to the west, but definitely becoming the trend of the season for Indians. These boot camps include not only old exercises like trekking and camping, yoga boot camps and dance boot camps are slowly catching up too.
From wearable technology like fitness bands that track your sleep and on-the-move activity to apps on your smartphone that help your food and water intake, we really have a healthier year to look forward to. These bands are not limited to your body or connected with your phones; some also have an option of a personal trainer who helps you achieve your goals.Gone are the days of trainers that told you to do 20 minutes of treadmill, 30 minutes of crossfit and 20 minutes of cycle.
New age trainers have acquired knowledge of each exercise and how it helps every iota of your body.
These are the ones you need to take your fitness tips from!Different from nutrition counseling and fitness training, this coaching is slowly coming up in our country. Not only do these coaches help you in gaining physical strength, but also help you mentally to achieve your aim.We have all been part of yoga classes to help us understand why meditation is important for our stressful lifestyles.

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