Five Unrecognised Private School closed

Private  school Monitoring  team led by  Munshi  Khan  Lecturer Higher Secondary  school Dhangri closed 5 School  of Zone  Baljrllan including Sanukote Manote Qureshi Mohalla, Bakrwal Mohalla Sankari,  .Nali  Barsala Badhoon, Argi  and Saranou.  Munshi  Khan warn the so called  Principal and Owner  of these Unrecognised and Unauthorised  Private  School and if will again open   these school and play with the life of future  Generations  without  permission  and recognition  He will lodge F.I.R  against them Mr Khan  also appeal the parents that send their wards in Government School as we have highly Educated  and qualified  Staff and if they want  to send their wards in Private  School firstly check the recognition and permission  of Private School.  The locals of the areas appreciated the revolutionary steps taken by Worthy Chief Education Officer Rajouri  Altaf  Hussain and Munshi Khan for implementation the Same with letter and spirit.

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