Focus on key factors, lower your risk of heart disease: Dr. Sushil

Getting diagnosed with health problems such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol is a wake-up call that it’s time to make major lifestyle changes. The good news is, a few simple changes can help you avoid such a diagnosis in the first place, said Dr. Sushil Sharma, Head Department of Cardiology, Government Medical College and Superspeciality Hospital during a cardiac awareness camp in a Gurudawara in Indira Nagar locality of Miran Sahib in the outskirts of Jammu city in which more than 150 people were examined, investigated and given free medicines. He said that by focusing on some key health factors and behaviors, one can keep your heart healthy, lower risk of heart disease and stroke, and improve quality of life.

He said ““We are all born with a large stock of good health and it’s up to us to protect it with good choices about our health.” He added that the smartest plan for attacking a heart attack is, of course, preventing one from ever happening. Dr. Sushil said that one should convince himself to stop smoking. Not only smoking, even breathing second hand smoke boosts bad cholesterol levels, decreases good cholesterol, and increases your blood’s tendency to clot, said Dr. Sushil.

He maintained that middle-aged men who exercise vigorously for 2 or more hours cumulatively per week have 60 percent less risk of heart attack than inactive men do. He further advised that if you’re overweight, dropping 10 to 20 pounds lowers your risk of dying from a heart attack. Dr. Sushil said that a 10-year study found that overweight people had heart attacks 8.2 years earlier than normal-weight victims. Dr. Sushil said that men who drink that many 8-ounce glasses are 54 percent less likely to have a fatal heart attack than those who drink two or fewer. You would be surprised to know that potent antioxidants, called flavonoids, provide a protective effect, said the HOD of the Cardiology department.

The team had been invited by Social workers namely Harjeet Singh, Veer Singh, Nirvair Singh, Yograj Sharma, Manjeet Singh and Om Prakash Sharma. They applauded efforts of Dr. Sushil Sharma. An expert team of doctors accompanied Dr. Sushil Sharma which included Dr. Mohi Kalsotra, Dr. Achint Singh and Dr. Anitipal Singh. Paramedics and Volunteers who were part of the team included Kamal Sharma, Kashmiri Lal, Gaurav Sharma, Mohan Krishan, Vikas Kumar, Harvinder Singh, Rajesh Sharma and Rajeev Vohra. The team worked as one unit, making the camp a huge success.


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