Forces can’t be withdrawn, 200 militants waiting to sneak-in; says Army

Vishal Sharma

Army on Monday said that the little calm is not enough for removal of forces especially at this moment from area of operation under-16 core while disclosing that there are about 200 militants active on the launching pads waiting to sneak into this side.

This was stated by the General Officer in Commanding of 16 Core, Lt Gen R.R.Nimbhorkar while talking to media persons on the sidelines of Jhangar Day event at Nowshera. He said that at this moment forces withdrawal would not be right and so far there is no such proposal of vacating any land under the 16 core which include Pir Panjal, Chenab valley and Jammu.

He disclosed that according to the intelligence agencies there are about 200 militants active on the other side of the LOC waiting to infiltrate adding that the trend of militant outfits to push ultras on launching pad is going on from the last more than ten years and there is nothing new in it. He further assured that army is well alert to thwart any such attempt.

When questioned about the exfiltration of newly recruited militants and cross border drug smuggling via Mughal road, GoC said that he has no such information adding that like the infiltration there are no chances of ex-filtration of militants from LoC due to the tight vigil and security.

He lauded that tight security has been placed along the Mughal road like the other areas as the army has maintained high intensity operations of security control adding that “The security gird has been tightened and the army is fully geared up for every situation”. Though, when questioned about any threat perception by the ISIS after the Dhaka attack, GoC denied answering.

He said that there was a “possibility” that global terror outfit Islamic State (IS) may join hands with Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba to launch attacks in India. “Yes, that (IS joining hands with LeT to launch attacks in India) can be a possibility as the motive of the terrorists is to spread their propaganda. They want their name and for that, they can do anything. And if they get successful, they can take advantage of it by using any name. Yes it is a possibility,” Nimbhorkar said.

On a question about the number of terrorist training camps active across the Line of Control in the POK, he said that from the inputs, there are around 37 active camps in that region. “See, there are a number of launching pads and we are all aware of it as it is in the open domain. So, therefore, I will not exactly say as to how many are there,” he said.

The army commander said, “There are sufficient number of launching pads and if you calculate that way… take the statement which is given by terrorist captured in Udhampur attack so you can easily co-relate what he said and calculate…“So to my mind in the entire PoK there may be about 600-700 terrorists.” He said that out of the 700 militants present in the PoK, half of them are ready and waiting for a chance to infiltrate into the Indian side.

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