Four men try to drown cop after tiff over Ganesh idol immersion

New Delhi, September 7
Four people in Maharashtra’s Kalyan have been charged with attempt to murder after they allegedly tried to drown a police officer on Tuesday during the immersion of a Ganesh idol. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.
A complaint registered with police said the four accused, who are on the run, attacked sub-inspector Nitin Dhagle, 38, who was trying to restart the immersion process after it was halted.
Maharashtra, like many parts of India, is celebrating a ten-day festival marking the birth of Lord Ganesh.
Around 9:30pm on Tuesday, police received a complaint that a group stopped the immersion process in Teesgaon lake in Kolshewadi even as devotees arrived in batches.
The accused, believed to be the members of the Jari Mari Ganesh Utsav Mandal, allegedly kept their idol near a barricade, halting the process. When they were asked to join the queue, the accused objected to it. “…(the) place was getting crowded…It was then Nitin Dhagle, who was on duty, started the immersion again,” an official from Kolshewadi police station said. The official said the four accused jumped the barricade and pushed Dhagle into the lake. “He was beaten up …and one (of the men) tried to jump on Dhagle to drown him.”

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