Frequent power cuts make life of common man a hell: Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena Bala Sahib Thackeray today criticised Power Development Department (PDD) for frequent power cuts which make the life of common man a hell in this summer season. In a meeting with party leaders at Indira Chowk party headquarters Dimpy Kohli along with GI Singh, Raj Singh, Rajan Gupta, Narinder Dev Chunni expressed concern over unscheduled and long power curtailment in the entire Jammu province and blamed the coalition government in the state for subjecting people to worse kind of harassment during the ongoing scorching summer season when mercury is above 40 degrees. He said that this power scenario is highly precarious, which has made life horrible as the region is reeling under unprecedented heat these days. Kohli came down heavily on the PDP-BJP Government for failing in meeting the basic requirements like power and drinking water questioned its tall claims about difference in governance.
For past few months, power is playing hide and seek and often goes off for hours together in the evenings and also in the late night. Govt. representatives are again and again claiming that Power will be supplied for complete 24 hours but ground situation is totally different.He appealed to PDP- BJP government to ensure regular power supply which is the right of the consumer of PDD who is paying its electricity dues on time.

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