From fudging figures to lying blatantly; PWD does all for loot

Balwant Singh Bhau

It seems after faking and fudging figures, now the department of roads and buildings in J&K has taken task of lying blatantly.

The PMGSY wing of the PWD department has purely for clouting the state exchequer shown 4km road stretch as 9km in Thathri area of Doda district. Locals of the area did complain to the state government but they were left with pain and agony of being unable to convince those sitting in the top chairs of the government that the PMGSY engineers were misleading them ulterior motives.

They had shown the road stretch from Halaran to Ghoru consisting of 4km of non forest area and 2km of forest area as 10 km of forest area and 2km of non forest area. Locals had complained that this was in completely opposite to the situation on ground. When this complaint reached to the ears of state administration, an inquiry committee headed by Divisional Commissioner Jammu was constituted in the year 2012 by Chief Secretary.

But the members of this committee never visited the site but submitted their report to higher authorities. The report had been prepared by the same officers of PWD, PMGSY and Forest departments who had originally committed the irregularities and against whom the public had complained. The 2007 Survey by Roads and Buildings Sub-division Gandoh was from Kahara to Joura comprising a distance of 16 kms. The 2011 Survey conducted by R&B division Bhaderwah was in opposite direction i.e. from Jai to Joura Khurd comprising a distance of 09 kms as per the committee report.

The total distance from Kahara to Jai thus is 25 kms. The Survey of 1987 had also envisaged the total distance to be 25 kms. Now a new Survey of 9 kms from Halaran to Joura Khurd has been conducted by PMGSY as shown in the said report. This is despite the fact that this distance is already included in 2007 Survey. Thus this 9 kilometers distance existed nowhere on the ground.

The locals have alleged that this is big fraud and have demanded that an inquiry through vigilance department or CBI should be ordered immediately. They have said in the complaint that as per the survey of 1987, the stretch from Halaran to Ghoru consists of 04 kms of Non-Forest area and 2 Kms of Forest Area whereas according to 2011-12 Survey the case is quite different i.e. it covers 10 kms Forest area and only 2 kms Non- Forest area from Halaran to Ghoru.

This is a great injustice to Forests, State Exchequers and majority population villages. They have appealed to the Minister for Public Works (R&B) Abdul Rehman Veeri of to kindly get the irregularities in respect of Kahara-Jai road project thoroughly probed and to redress the genuine grievances of the aggrieved people of the area & save the precious green gold.

The public of villages Joura Kalan, Budhi, Kunthal & Lower Shamdlian of Tehsil Kahara (Thathri) Doda in their statement issued here have stated that the Kahara-Jai road dispute which was raised in 2009 and which is concerned with the fate of Forests, State Exchequers and majority of the villages of un-influential people is yet to be settled despite laps of more than 6yr now.

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