From owning palatial houses to buying luxurious cars

Bharti Jasrotia

There has always been talk about super rich IAS, IFS,KAS babus but there has virtually been no talk about crorepati IPS and KPS officers own assets worth crores of rupees.

From land to owning flats and shops in various pose localities of Jammu and Kashmir, police officers who enjoy impunity of highest order own almost everything. Some have become real estate magnets while many others have partnership in various housing projects going on in various parts of the state.

This has been stated by an RTI activist in his complaint to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) New Delhi. “Since, the state government neither has courage not it likes taking to task police officers or initiating probe against them for having amassed huge wealth; it becomes obligatory for Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to order a probe so that the reality comes to the fore,” the complainant has said in his written statement.

The complainant has further said that he preferred not going to the State Vigilance Commission (SVC) because it is headed by retired police officer and instead chose to approach Central Vigilance Commission which is headed by an Indian Revenue Services officer (IRS) K.V Choudhary. The complainant has made spine chilling revelations in his four page long complaint.

According to him; several IPS, KPS officers have grown overnight rich. Sighting an instance, he has said that a police officer who has now retired has share in eight petrol pumps. “This officer even owns a few and if a probe is initiated, it is highly likely that it would come to fore that this officer is not a partner but owner of these petrol pumps,” complainant has said.

He has further said that the officer managed all permissions and got the issues related to the petrol pumps resolved during his posting at various places in the state. The complainant has said that this police officer is earning around Rs. 3.5 to 5 crores per month not only from the petrol pumps but from other businesses also.

He has gone onto claim that another police officer who is a non-state subject originally owned an ancestral house and ten kanals of land. After joining as IPS officer in Jammu and Kashmir, the complainant has referred to official records and said that the officer presently owns two houses in his home state, a flat in Noida, a plot in Chandigarh, five kanal land in Bhatinda, Punjab and shopping complex in his hometown.

This officer has always remained close to the corridors of power, claims the complainant while adding that from NC to PDP to Congress to BJP this officer has friends everywhere. “I have no issues with police officers becoming rich but my question is if they get salaries and allowances lesser than IAS, IFS, KAS officers, how they manage to own such huge assets. I have no reason not to believe that the source of building such huge assets needs to be probed, “reads the complaint of the RTI activist.

The complainant has further said that that purchasing palatial flats and villas in New Delhi have become order of the day for IPS officers of almost entire rank and file. The NCR includes Urban New Delhi and urban areas around it from neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana and UP. He has referred to IPRs and said that they reveal that most of the police officers have residential houses in many states including NCR and other posh and dream real estate localities.

An officer from Uttar Pradesh has a house at Greater Noida. Besides this he also has some immovable property at Sector B Jamuna Express. Another one from Bihar has a house at Gurgaon. One more officer has preferred to have residential accommodation at posh Gurgaon. An IPS officer has preferred to go to Jabalpur where he has a palatial house.

Another senior officer has houses at Gurgaon and Riveri in Haryana. A senior IPS officer from Bihar has two separate houses at Dwarka and Noida. An officer from Orrisa too owns a residential flat at Noida while another one from Uttar Pradesh has three houses at Delhi-NCR while another one from Orissa owns a bungalow at Ghaziabad.

Ex-IGP Kashmir and presently a D.G who hails from Uttar Pradesh also owns a house at Dwarika. Barring eight to nine IPS officers, most of the Jammu and Kashmir cadre IPS officers have shown palatial houses and other properties either on their name or in the name of one of their family members in the Immoveable Property Returns (IPRs).

A well-connected IPS officer has residential houses both at Srinagar and in Jammu. But he has been unable to assess cost of both the houses. Keeping in view location of these houses in the posh localities of Jammu and Srinagar city, independent evaluators put cost of both the houses above Rs. 2 crore. Another IPS officer has seemingly become rich after joining police services and virtually has begun his hunt to purchase residential plot in a village. Presently, the said IPS officer who is holding an important position owns more than 3 Kanals of land, all located at the prime locations.

The officer has paid more than Rs. 1 crore for purchasing the land. A local IPS officer owns land worth crores of rupees besides having two palatial houses in two posh localities of Jammu and Srinagar city. The said officer has enjoyed prized postings for most part of his career and is also currently holding an important position in the state police. Assessors put value of the officer’s property in crores and assert that maintenance cost would be around Rs. 3 to 5 lakh per annum.

Another IPS officer owns more than 2 Kanals of land in one of the important cities of Punjab. Local assessors put the value of land at around Rs. 2 crore. A top cop of Jammu and Kashmir police, who is known for his integrity has just 4 acres of land and plots at four different places in his home state. The said officer’s wealth has put his wealth at around Rs. 26 lakh. A famed Jammu and Kashmir based IPS officer owns more than 3 Kanals of land at three different locations.

In his IPR, he has put the value of his property at around Rs. 90 lakhs. However, he has stated in his IPR that value of the property changes with market and value of land depends on the climatic conditions. Another IPS officer owns more than 126 Kanals of land in two different places in Kashmir valley. One of his two residential houses, located in a remote village of Kashmir valley, has above 06 Kanals of land underneath and around.

In-depth study of the IPRs reveals that IPS officers are far richer than IAS babus. Barring four IPS officers, one of whom is under suspension, all have costly assets and immovable properties on their name. A few may have inherited properties from their ancestors but is highly impossible that all have taken the same route. But a million dollar question here is how these IPS Babus managed to own the prime located immovable assets which otherwise has been mere a ‘dream’ for even the affluent businessmen.



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