Fuel becomes cheaper; petrol below Rs 71 mark in Delhi

With continuous cut down in fuel prices over the last few weeks, consumers are getting big relief and even today price of petrol was reduced by 22 paise.

In Delhi, the petrol is selling at Rs 70.70 per litre while diesel is at Rs 65.30, cheaper by 25 paise. In Kolkata and Mumbai, the price of petrol cut down to 22 paise per litre.

Following the cut, petrol rates in both cities have been decreased to 72.75 and 76.28 per litre respectively.  While in Chennai, petrol prices have been reduced by 24 paise a litre.

After that, the price of petrol has come down to Rs 73.33 per litre. In Mumbai, diesel is retailing at Rs 68.32 per litre. In Kolkata, diesel is priced at Rs 67.03 per litre and in Chennai, it is being sold at Rs 68.93.

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