Full-cream curd needs to be introduced by Mother Dairy and Amul

Dear Editor,
Mother Dairy and Amul are presently largest supplier of milk in various qualities and other milk-products in Delhi and other parts of the country. But vast range of their products does not include full-cream curd even though both Mother Dairy and Amul have introduced extra-creamy milk under brand-names ‘Premium’ and ‘Diamond’ respectively.
Presently both the giants in organised sector have various qualities of curd but only from double-toned milk. Even higher-priced premium-quality curd priced at rupees 50 per 400 gms (rupees 120 per kg) is a product of double-toned milk. Both Mother Dairy and Amul should introduce full-cream curd for those requiring it either for festive-dishes or otherwise.
Full-cream curd in unorganized sector is available in range of rupees 100 to 120 per kgs. But because of fear of adulteration, full-cream curd should also be available in organised sector through Mother Dairy and Amul.
Since heavy fat-content in khoya and paneer marketed by Mother Dairy makes these products unpopular because of lack of softness and high-cost, fat-content in both khoya and paneer marketed by Mother Dairy should be drastically reduced to make these products cheaper and softer. Fat-content so extracted can be used in products like butter and ghee for added profitability!
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