Gandhi Global Family among 19 NGOs affiliated to United Nations HQ NY

Gandhi Global Family (GGF) among 19 NGOs world over has been granted the status of UN NGO by United Nations HQ NY. Gandhi Global Family being the only such NGO from entire India been granted UN NGO status. The United Nations NGOs works with diverse non-governmental organizations ranging from small groups to subsidiaries of large networks and academic institutions around the world. Organizations are required to meet certain minimum requirements before they are associated with the Department. In addition to their main activities, associated NGOs are expected to use their information assets to disseminate information received from the Department about the work of the United Nations and issues on its agenda to their members and audiences. In 2016, they are expected to join the global effort to support Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They also have the opportunity to network with other NGOs and to share information about their activities during NGO briefings and the UN DPI/NGO Conference. NGOs associated with the Department also play a direct role in planning the UN DPI/NGO Conference. Speaking on behalf of the Gandhi Global Family, its Vice President Padmashri S. P. Varma stated that the GGF shared its core values with the UN. Peace, Dignity, Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Participation were all basic tenets that both organizations believed in. Stating further he said that the UN platform will provide Gandhi Global Family a world stage to internationalize the message of Mahatma Gandhi. From the last five years GGF is working with United Nations on various platforms ranging from sports events to environment education, Youth summits to Gandhian conclaves

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