Gattu Dore brought misery despite ban on sale

Despite ban on sale of Chinese Dore Gattu, two dozes persons flying kites on Raksha Bandhan and Janamasthami in Jammu city received serious injury with this Dore.
The injured include mostly children and youths, who were admitted at Shalamar Hospital and GMC Jammu after the
It is regret to mention here that media made much hype on the sale of this banned thread ahead of the festival but it turned a deaf ear on both administration and public as a result Gattu Dore sold like hot cakes, leading to injury to 24 persons from various parts of the city.
Luckily there was no report of any fatal casualty in any part of the region with
flying of kites.
Ignoring ban on sale of harmful things on the part of local administration exposes its insensitive towards safety of general public, which cannot be described a healthy trend.
What is more that after imposing ban on sale of the particular items if its sale continue in the market and concerned authorities remain mute spectators then something is wrong in the system of our administration. Had the local administration and police acted upon in time in penalizing defaulter shopkeepers or vendors engaged in selling Gattu Dore then serious injury caused to the people could have avoided.
Gattu Dore cause injury in several ways like cutting throat or any other parts of the body when the Dore fall on ground by the people flying kites.
The injury is caused mostly to the passers by or to the people riding on bikes on roads and lanes.
Above all, flying of kites on roof of houses is more risky as several youths have received serious injury while in some cases proved fatal.
The practice of flying kites in our countries has been going on for centuries.
This practice is gaining momentum and becoming popular with the passage of times and the people are making it as part of celebration of some festival.
There is no doubt that flying of kites with traditional thread is welcome and give enjoyment to youths but with coming of Chinese Dor Gattu in the market, flying of kites is going to become more risky as the thread is very harmful for our body.
The sale of Chinese Dore has also affected livelihood of our artisans engaged in making kites as well a traditional threads for flying kites.
Every year, several artisans from UP and Bihar engaged in making kites and traditional thread come at Jammu city for sale of kites and traditional thread.
These artisans also complain of affecting their livelihood with the sale of Chinese Gattu Dore, banned by the administration.
Significantly, Chinese Dore Gattu is not only harmful to the people but it has also equally affected livelihood of several artisans engaged in making kites and traditional thread so there is need to complete ban of its sale.
We hope that in future local administration would enforce sale of Chinese Dore Gattu strictly due to its harmful effects and above all affecting livelihood of poor artisans of the country. Equally responsibility also rest with guardians and parents to discourage their children to not to fly kites with Gattu Dore.

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