GCW Udhampur organises inter-college seminar

On the occasion of World Ozone Day, Science Club of the GCW Udhampur in collaboration with J&K State Science, Technology and Innovation Council, Deptt. of Science & Technology, District Office Udhampur organised an inter-college seminar on the topic “Protection of Ozone Layer” today. The seminar was coordinated by Dr Sanjay Kharoo, District Coordinator, Science, Technology and Innovation Council, Udhampur. The seminar was inaugurated by the Dr Nalini Pathania Principal-incharge of the College in presence of Dr Sanjay Kharoo and other dignitaries.
Dr Nalini Pathania in his presidential address said that Ozone layer depletion is not something that affects any specific country or region. The whole world is vulnerable to its after effects. International agreements like Montreal protocol in 1987 have helped in reducing and controlling emission of chloro-fluorocarbons. More and more such international agreement between countries are necessary to protect
the Ozone layer.
Dr Bhavnaish Chand, Convener of Science club said that over the last hundred years, the Ozone layer has been depleted by the man made chemicals, especially the one called CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and other halogenated ozone depleting substances. This is causing big worries and health risks to all living things. He suggested some practical measures which individuals can do to help in the protection of ozone layer.
Dr Sanjay Kharoo, in his address, spoke that there is a widespread concern that ozone layer is deteriorating due to release of pollution containing substances like CFCs. Although use of these substances have been banned by most of the industrialized nations but the problem still persists and scientists estimate that it will take another fifty years for ozone layer to return to its normal level.
Around 22 students hailing from various Colleges participated in the seminar. Dr Bhavnaish Chand (HOD Physics), Dr Arun Kumar Sharma (HOD Chemistry) and Prof Kuldeep Raj (Deptt of Physics) acted as jury members.
First and second prize in the competition was secured by Kashish Mahajan and Shvina Akhter respectively from GDC Udhampur, third prize was clinched by Kritika Bidhran from GCW Udhampur. Consolation prizes went to Sonam Sharma from GDC Udhampur and Raviti Gupta, Parul Goswami both from GCW Udhampur.

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