Give youthh opportunity to be part of Cross-Loc trade

303 registered traders are doing trade since long but a foul played by an influential group working under the trade association, by sending a list of 120 traders to other side through a well planned conspiracy and ignored 180 other traders deliberately who were reportedly working against their interest.
Even a former general secretary who was instrumental in playing a good role in building CBM’S was sidelined by influential trade association members. Earlier, when trade association members started to play foul by creating a group of traders, some members directed the other side across the border to ignore the other group of 180 traders and acting on directions from this side, the other side sent a list of only 120 traders for trade and ignored other 180 traders and the same practice is going on for some time and it show that Pakistani roaster is going on in Indian territory and thanks to foul played by trade association members.
A full fledge group of 180 traders was deliberately ignored. Though the trade association has submitted its resignation and are preparing for next elections, sources in Trade centre says that elections are going to be a drama only as everything has been planned well as per its self interest by former president of the trade association who is said to be the main culprit working against national interest.
The other group is also leveling serious allegations against the Custodian Cross LoC Trade over his silence on the issue of “would be managed election”. They said that why Custodian is not taking any action against Pakistani roaster which is still going on behind the scenes.
Meanwhile, unemployed in-waiting traders have also questioned the Nodal officer for not taking action against the blue eyed traders who are denying unemployed youth an opportunity to be a part of the trade.
They appealed to government of India and Chief Minister J&K to intervene and give youth an opportunity to be a part of the Cross LoC trade because it is their constitutional right. They also demanded a tough action against the former trade body for spoiling country’s interest.

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