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Today in Delhi, tomorrow in Mumbai and the day after in Singapore! If your life is packed with such uncertainties and a choc a bloc busy schedule, where will you find the time to look after your beauty? But, this is when you need to take more care of your skin for stress and lack of rest quicken the process of ageing. Here are some quick fix beauty procedures that can keep you looking beautiful – all you need is half an hour at a beauty clinic.

Say goodbye to hollow eyes
Dark circles and hollows under your eyes not just mar your beauty, but also make you appear ill and unhealthy. A session with dermal fillers like Juvederm can fill up your hollows. Juvederms are hyaluronic acid-based new-age fillers that can be administered under the skin to give it more volume.

Get rid of acne scars
Meet a dermatologist and try a laser anti-scar procedure. The laser procedure may take 4-6 sessions of a few minutes each which you can get done in your lunch breaks. Procedures like Scar Lift and Revlite photofacial are ideal.

Skin exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin
Quick exfoliating treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion can remove the dead layer and bring back a youthful glow. Diamond Polishing is another technique in which the skin is polished with diamonds fixed on tips that move on the skin.

Smile without the crow’s feet
Years of laughing and smiling inadvertently leave  a bunch of fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes. Botox and dermal fillers like Juvederm can reduce their appearances.

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