GMC Jammu stands over ‘illegal’ land, MCI points out

Health and Medical Education department of Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied land belonging to revenue department and constructed building of Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu over it.

GMC has no revenue records available with it to indicate proof of ownership and possession of the land over which it stands in Bakshi Nagar area of Jammu city. College (GMC) has been set-up on land which belongs to the state government but is yet to be transferred to Health and Medical Education department despite the fact that Medical College Hospital building was inaugurated in the year of 1993 while the college had become functional in the year 1973.

23 years after the present building was inaugurated and 43 years after the college was made functional in a temporary building, neither the health and medical education department has bothered to get the land transferred nor has the state government paid any attention towards this issue. The college continues to function on an illegal piece of land in the heart of Jammu city.

This serious discrepancy was pointed out by a team of medical council of India and college authorities were told to get the land transferred but from the Principal of GMC to the Secretary of the Health and Medical Education Department, none found time to sit together and get this serious issues sorted out. Even respective governments which allowed construction of minister’s office in the GMC never sought any report from the authorities about this grave illegality.

Not only this, MCI in its assessment report pointed out that the land has been chosen without proper application of mind. Due to paucity of land, there is no common room neither are separate toilets attached with the rooms for both girls and boys. Animal house has inadequate space and requires air conditioning. The same has not been done.

Central library, where medicos sit for reference, revision and study is suffering from shortage of space. Total seating capacity of library is 210. Library does not fulfill norms set-up by Medical Council of India (MCI). It has 3 rooms for students with combined seating capacity of 210. There is 1 room for interns/residents and one for staff members.

There are no arrangements for making slides of patients wherever required. Both central photography as well as audio-visual units are not available. There are inadequate number of computer terminals. Basic need of students in the present times is internet and this facility is not available.

There is no space for sports and recreation facilities. There is no playground in the campus. One of the serious defects in the wards of medicine and allied specialities is that male and female patients are admitted in the same wards. Though it is required that there should be separate male and female wards in surgical and medical indoor departments. Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments have lowest number of beds with 183 and 77 beds respectively. Teaching area is inadequate. Inside the wards, clinical demonstration areas are not well defined. There is urgent need for identifying separate teaching area.

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