GMC looting people unnecessary with visitor pass  

Coronavirus and the lockdown have already weakened people financially. Some people especially those who are below the poverty line have no way to escape this difficulty. In this case, when the Government should help them, it’s going all opposite. The Administration is charging an amount of Rs. 5 from all the visitors of GMC, Jammu.

This amount is for the visiting pass which is to be renewed every hour by paying extra money worth Rs. 5 every time. It is for the visitors and attendants of the patient and also for people visiting the Hospital for any other reason. This may be a small amount for many but not for the people who live a “hand to mouth” life. This money is not even being used for the betterment of the hospitality instead poor patients are forced to spend their savings on buying medicines.

The question is where is this money being utilized? How much money and how many ways will be just snatched from poor people. The Administration should work on a serious note to eradicate these stupid and “not so useful” formalities.