GMC Principal turns ‘dictator’, works to appease political bosses

Showing an apparent negligence of professional approach, the principal Government Medical College and Hospital (GMC&H) Dr. Zahid Gilani is accused of being dictators in the hospital to appease political bosses and had been installed on this post after ‘breaching’ norms, highly reliable sources within the department informed.

According to sources, the principal-Dr Gilani was installed by the former health minister after removing then principal Dr Ganshyam on the pretext that later is not suitable for the post. “The entire conspiracy was hatched to install yes-man on the post, who will not only abide minister’s orders, but also work in the interest of the minister to benefit him,” alleged sources, adding that the previous principal was removed from the post, despite his clear work record.

The sources said that the incumbent principal is running ‘proxy work’ only to appease the political bosses, who wanted to rule the hospital by placing ‘yes man’ on the coveted post.  The present principal has put health system of Jammu region on stake only to strengthen personal lobby.

“Dr Gillani was posted as principal of the premier hospital by the former health minister to get hold of the health system. Being politically influenced, Dr Gillani harasses doctors by issuing irrelevant orders, which in no way are for the benefit of the hospital or health system,” said sources, adding “The principal does everything on the behest of politicians, especially health ministers, who are not professionally sound and eye business from every transaction.” Sources asserted that the principal to make ministers happy do as ministers wish, probably something which benefits them.

If sources are to be believed, this approach of the principal and the minister is taking hospitals in Jammu at the verge of closure, especially Super Specialty Hospital as the duo pass orders which only benefits them and not health system.

“The interference of the minister and principal is on rise and this intervention is negative, as they both are least concerned about patients and health system,” sources said and added the principal on the name of minister carry out some unhealthy activities in the hospital, which brings doctor fraternity in bad light.

Meanwhile, a senior doctor wishing anonymity said that the principal is turned into a dictator, who without listening to the doctors, make orders which amounts to degradation of the hospitals.

He said that the principal takes arbitrary decisions, sometimes he orders closure of particular department, sometimes he warns doctors and many times he humiliates doctors, saying this ‘super specialty hospital is nothing more than ward-block.’

Doctor further said that appointment of the principal is itself a conspiracy, wherein no procedure is followed and his installation was purely because of political interference.

“The principal was installed with proper conspiracy, as no proper procedure was employed for his appointment. He was brought to the post only to execute ill-intentions of the minister,” he said and added that former minister had monopolized things and his removal from the post was a sigh of relief for the doctor fraternity, who were expecting new minister to be enough kind towards his duties, but the situation did not change.

“The principal is still working to appease new minister, who is also enjoying being placated. A team of doctors had requested the chief minister to take appropriate steps to ensure professionalism in the hospitals, simultaneously improvement in the health system,” the doctor said and added they had requested the Chief Minister to either re-instate the previous principal or appoint some one on the basis of merits to end the rein of this illegitimate appointment.

He further said that the principal is gagging the doctors who raise dissent voice against the wrongs happening in the hospital and no one is there to stop him. However, when tried to contact health minister-Bali Bhagat, he was unavailable for comments.



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