GMC Professor gets patent for innovative Laparoscopic Retractor

Dr Mushtaq Ahmed Chalkoo, faculty at the department of surgery at GMC Srinagar has been awarded a patent for his innovative laparoscopic instrument.

Talking about the instrument, Dr Chalkoo, who works as a professor of Surgery at the medical college, said, it is called “Chalkoo Retractor for Minilap Cholecystectomy”. “It is an instrument that will help the surgeon to perform surgery through a single small incision of 2 cm.” He said the instrument is designed in a way that it will enter through a two cm incision and retract inside an area of more than 6 cm making the surgeon comfortable to work in a small space.

He said the patent had been applied from 2013, “but due to long, rigorous and stringent verification process, it took many years to finally get the instrument registered as Intellectual Property.”

Dr Chalkoo has been actively involved in the improvement of surgical techniques and processes and has authored many research papers to his credit. His works have been published in the Journal of Surgery and Transplantation, International Journal of Orthopedics, Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. He is recognised nationally and internationally for his laparoscopy and Minimal access surgery techniques viz the Chalkoo Technique, the Chalkoo Concepts, the Chalkoo’s Modifications, the Chalkoo’s Stitch.

Prof Chalkoo is recognised for his Youtube channel, for publication of his Professional videos on advanced laparoscopic procedures nationally and Internationally. He is an author, an avid researcher, a poet and an excellent orator. He has 64 scientific publications and delivered more than 110 talks nationally and internationally.