GMC under scanner for its poor waste management

Government Medical College and hospital (GMC&H) has come under radar again for its poor waste management. Hospital which is meant to be safe heaven for the patients is proving to be a breeding ground for various kinds of diseases due to open garbage and waste lying around the dumping shed in the GMC.

Patients and attendants have often complained about the problem that is persisting for a long time now.

There is no proper segregation of biomedical waste to prevent infections being transmitted to people who handle or come into contact with waste, particularly such as might be contaminated with diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C and tetanus.

All kinds of wastes are being dumped at same site which make patients and other people more susceptible to the diseases.

An attendant said that the medical waste is supposed to properly dumped and it is a mandatory norm to dispose the waste regularly twice to thrice a day, so that the waste doesn’t pile up at a particular place. But the reality is all together unfortunate as the waste remains in the dumping ground for days, thus making it a life¬† threatening situation for not only the patients but also for the medical staff of the hospital.


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