Golden rules to keep your skin healthy and glowing

Skipping your pre and post workout skincare routines can lead to poor skin health, itching and acne. Here are some golden rules that you should follow
Remove make-up: Make sure to remove all your make-up. Excess sweat when combined with cosmetics can cause itchiness leading to rashes and pimples. So, let your skin breathe.

Moisturise: Workouts dehydrate your skin. This leads to a pile up of dead skin cells which causes premature aging. Applying a light moisturiser helps retain moisture.

Use a deodorant: Since too much sweat results in body odour, a deodorant is a must.
Wash: After the workout, wash your face to detoxify your skin as allowing the sweat to sit on the skin can spell disaster. Washing the face removes dirt and perspiration.

Apply cleanser/face wash or toner:  If your skin is dry, opt for a hydrating face wash with natural ingredients like aloe vera or cucumber. If your skin is oily, oil balancing face washes are the best.

Moisturise: After you take a shower or wash your face, apply moisturiser while the skin is still damp. This will help to seal in moisture and boost the skin’s resistance towards dirt.

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