Google’s new Cardboard Camera turns your panoramic photos into 3D VR experiences

Google has just introduced Cardboard Camera–a new app that is part of itsGoogle Cardboard platform with the ability to show your own panoramic photos as a 360-degree VR experience. This feature works by using nothing more than your smartphone as a VR viewer.

As is with the panorama feature that is a feature with most smartphone cameras these days, you simply hold up your camera and pan it in a circular fashion to capture the scene around you. Next, when you place it in your Google Cardboard you can experience this 360-degree photo as you would a regular VR video, complete with the ability to look around by simply moving your head.

The Cardboard Camera works by showing each eye a slightly different viewpoint of the photo, resulting in an immersive 3D effect. Additionally, the app even stores audio as part of the photo capture so you can ‘hear’ the moment just as it happened.

So the next time you’re halfway up that trek with the killer view, or are in the midst of your best friend’s wedding celebrations, here’s a great way to capture the moment for posterity.

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