Government ardent to target ‘trouble makers’ in Kashmir

Pardeep Singh Bali
Unsuccessful to resolve the lingering violence in Kashmir Valley, the state as well as central government is now mulling to target ‘trouble makers’, who are instigating youth and eventually inciting unrest.
According to official sources, a massive operation is being launched to identify and weed out ‘trouble
makers, which included instigators and funders.
“The government has launched a massive intelligence operation in Kashmir to identify and weed out the ‘hidden leadership’ that has been fomenting unrest,” said sources, adding that the focus of the mission is to target leaders of the agitation.
The sources further said that in this regard operation ‘calm down’ has been launched by the Indian Army. The main focus of the operation would be to identify and weed out leaders and funders, who fuel the unrest.
The sources said that various agencies are involved in this mission, including those keeping eye on the hawala money being pumped into the Kashmir valley.
“This is a multi-pronged strategy. At one level access, the access of funds to trouble makers has to be choked. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to ensure the contact between ideologues, handlers and the mischief maker is curtailed especially in rural areas,” sources said and added that miscreant elements had begun traveling to South Kashmir in early June and plans were underway to create unrest.
With an initial go-slow against protesters and stone pelters, the hidden leadership was further emboldened and spread itself wider, sources said.
Information flow was not directly through the Hurriyat leadership but other channels from across the Pir Panjal. All of that is now being choked with bringing normalcy to rural Kashmir taking centre stage.
The Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) also have details about the pivots of the agitation. With the army having moved in to South Kashmir – the State police and the Central Reserve
Police will be further strengthened and emboldened to move deeper into villages and curtail the area of operations of the anti-national elements.
Tral, the home of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani whose killing in an anti-terror operation led to the current cycle of unrest is being strengthened by the forces in the phase-I of the operation to reclaim the territory.
“The army and the police together had brought peace into the valley, including south Kashmir in the past several years. That is when to reduce army’s footprint in civilian areas, several army camps were removed on orders of the state government. That weakened the grid.
The army is dominating the terrain. Whether in Tral or Shopian, Kulgam or pockets of Anantnag the presence of the army will send out a signal both to terrorists and the secret leadership of the current agitation. The army will dominate the area – the police and CRPF will manage crowds. The State government will provide relief as part of the multi pronged strategy.
There is a multi-agency operation currently underway to stabilize the valley. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is probing Naeem Gilani, son of Pro Pakistan Hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani. The Income Tax Department is probing not only SAS Geelani but several other Hurriyat leaders. Several fake and shell companies are also under the scanner. The police are in control in urban areas and gradually moving back into rural areas too.
Moreover, the government is also looking into the accounts of the government employees, who are also believed to be involved in the trouble making. Special CCTV cameras are being imported to keep vigil on the protesters. In this regard, over 70 government employees had been identified so far, sources said.
Pertinently, the government has also curtailed all the facilities of the separatists, keeping in view their role in instigating present unrest.

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