Governor’s Rule cannot be a substitute to popular Govt: ANC

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Jammu Tawi, February 10

Asserting that day to day problems of people are getting compounded, ANC today said Governors Rule cannot be a substitute to popular government.” The ongoing uncertainty over the formation of government in the State is the matter of concern for the people as their day today problems are getting compounded,” Gian Singh, Provincial President, ANC said in a statement issued here in Jammu. He said the Governor’s rule, howsoever best it may be, cannot be a substitute to a popular government.

He said this kind of uncertainty is an indication of the fact that the two coalition partners  who had come together for the Govt. formation after cutting across their stated positions on various issues, did not feel fully satisfied amongst themselves also, what to talk of the people who felt cheated and betrayed for the reasons well known.

Singh accused both PDP-BJP of having misplaced priorities and “dividing people” instead of worrying about their welfare. Peoples aspirations hold paramount importance in democratic polity and the moment ruling elite suffers from mistaken belief of being ‘kings’ they get distanced from the masses.

Singh said BJP having the support of only 28 MLAs was not in a position to form the govt on its own despite its desperation, adding, “with the stand of different political parties being evident, there seemed to be no possibility of govt formation in the state”. He said that Governors rule could not be continued only for the reason that the political parties were indecisive with regard to the formation of govt. Governor must take note of the public discomfiture at democracy being held hostage to the political fortunes of BJP which was desperately making vain attempts to explore another tie up with PDP,” added Singh.

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