Govt committed to ensure better personnel management in education sector: Priya Sethi

Underlining commitment of the government towards better personnel management in the education department, Minister of State for Education, Tourism, Technical Education, Culture, Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks Priya Sethi said that innovative steps have been taken in the department to ensure efficient utilization of the manpower and to ensure transparency in effective transfer policy.

She said that strict orders have been issued for ensuring that no midterm transfers are made and teachers are shuffled as per the roster maintained in the policy.

“We were getting complaints from the teaching fraternity with regard to postings and it is for the first time that the government has ensured that those teachers who had completed their tenure outside district headquarters are brought back,” she added.

Underscoring the need for addressing the genuine demands of the teachers, the Minister said that the government is committed to improve the education scenario in the state and a motivated and dedicated workforce will provide better results. She said that a major revamp is underway in the department and teachers who have served more than their tenures in tough terrains are brought back and are replaced by other teachers.

“A motivated team can always perform better and teachers have been asked to give their choices as per the transfer policy, we will ensure that teachers are posted keeping in mind the requirement of the school and the available human resources,” she stressed.

She said that Transfer Melas are being organised in the state and the exercise is getting good response from the teachers, adding that these Melas are a step further in the direction to promote transparency in the department.

She said good results are coming from the government schools and all out efforts are being made by the government to upgrade infrastructure in the government run schools so that faith of people is reposed back in the schools.

She said quality education is top priority of the government and necessary steps have been taken to ensure that standard of education in the state improves.

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