Govt failed to give relief to victim of hailstorm border areas: Singh Youth Club

Senior activists social workers of Singh Youth Club and Anmol Cultural Club conducted tour of border areas in village Ambkhori, Tutia, Kalasra & Ghai Upanyas near line of control (LOC) and assess the damaged crops fruit and vegetables by heavy hailstorm some months ago.
Both Singh Youth Club (SYC) and Anmol Cultural Club (ACC) urged government issue an order to administration for giving ownership right to farmers who have possession on evacuee property/Custodian land from 10 or 15 years & and issue relief soon without any discrimination and bribe.
According to reports Singh Youth Club Sunderbani and Anmol Cultural Club Rajouri is working since 2003 in all blocks of district Rajouri as a social work. President of this Singh Youth Club & chairman of Anmol Cultural Club Zorawar Singh said our clubs have activists youth who always ready to do any social work in any block of district Rajouri.
Singh said we visited in border areas in village Ambkhori Tautia, Dhaok Banyar, Ghai Upnyas, Palwal, Kalasra, Juhla & Dhok Kangri of block Sunderbani and saw the great loss of farmers some months ago by heavy hailstorm. Farmers said crops such as wheat, mustered, vegetables and fruits mango tree, bananas trees, orange was totally damaged by heavy hailstorm & rain government is not issue us any relief to poor farmers. Team of Singh Youth Club and Anmol Yultural Club meet with hailstorm victims Sarpanch Raj Kumar, Dhani Ram and others they said farmer always depend on theirs crops some farmers has taken crops loan from different banks now their crops were totally damaged and no the administration reach in these areas. They alleged to J&K government for discriminating with us poor people. Singh urged to government of J&K for issue compensation soon and also said some formers couldn’t gotten any relief of previous flood because they settled on evacuee property/Custodian land so the administration couldn’t issue them relief. Youths of non government organization (NGO) also urged to government of J&K for pass an order for give a ownership to farmers who have possession on Custodian land from 10 or 15 years ago.

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