Govt has full confidence in CEA Subramanian: Jaitley after Swamy’s attack

The government has full confidence in chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian, finance minister Arun Jaitley said on Wednesday, hours after BJP leader Subramanian Swamy demanded that the official be sacked.
“…we do not share Subramanian Swamy’s views,” Jaitley said at a press conference in Delhi.
“One has to ponder as to what extent one should attack officers whose office
constrains them from responding.”
Swamy, a Rajya Sabha MP, tweeted this morning that the chief economic adviser had acted against India by defending US pharmaceuticals’ interests. He accused Arvind Subramanian of encouraging the opposition Congress to harden stand on the Goods and Services Tax, which is tipped as India’s biggest tax reform . The BJP, too, issued a statement that it didn’t “concur” with the views of Swamy, a Harvard-educated economist.
“The BJP does not agree with Subramanian Swamy’s views on government’s Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian. This is his personal opinion.”
Swamy also said Arvind Subramanian was a ‘green card holder’ and probably not an Indian citizen.
His diatribe against RBI governor Raghuram Rajan was along similar lines. He had accused India’s top banker of wrecking the economy, alleging Rajan was “not fully Indian” since he held a US green card.
Following Swamy’s vitriolic public campaign, Rajan, a darling of investors, dropped a bombshell last weekend when he announced that he would not make himself available for a second term as RBI chief.

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