Greatest myth that BJP governments are scam free: Congress

Tearing into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim of ‘zero tolerance to corruption’, Congress on Friday dubbed as “greatest myth” the propaganda that BJP governments are scam free.
“It is one of the greatest myths which this Government has tried to propagate…. that this is a corruption-free, scam-free Government.
“The truth is that not only is it full of corruption and scams but unlike the previous Government, it believes in taking no action at all in regard to what it considers its own”, party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi told reporters.
He claimed that if one was a BJP Minister or Chief Minister or an office bearer of the RSS or the BJP, “then you have an immunity, you have a protective ‘kavach’ on you, a shield which can’t be penetrated.” Detailing a number of scams in BJP ruled states, he said if one takes the case of Chhattisgarh, there is the “Rs 36,000 Crore PDS rice” scam and the most recent “conclusive proof” in the Panama Papers context. “Companies directly traced to his son but if you CM of the BJP-ruled State, then you are beyond the law,”, he claimed.
“Who is Modi talking about as a corruption-free, scam-free Government? Is this not an attempt to mislead, misguide, confuse and confound when you forget VYAPAM,” he asked.
He said that before this Government talks of ‘Swachh Bharat’ ‘Cleanliness of Bharat’, “they have to initiate the cleansing process of BJP State Governments across India, of BJP Ministers and Members of BJP, Office-bearers and sons and sympathizers and Members.”
The BJP, he said, has to explain why no action is ever taken if one belonged to the BJP and why action is taken within seconds if you happen to belong to a political configuration which is opposed to the ruling dispensation.

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