Guinness World Record created at G.D.Goenka

G.D Goenka Public School, Jammu governed by Om Prakash Bansal Charitable Trust ,reached another

milestone when Mr. Vickrant Mahajan, Motivator , Actor and Multiple Guinness World Record Creator,

in collaboration with Superpositivity Movement, created another Guinness World Record for having the

largest Vocabulary lesson ever by an individual (1400 students).In the process, he surpassed the

previous Guinness World Record by Dhaval Batra of 1310 participants created on September 15, 2015 in


It was a phenomenal moment as the school is now going to be featured in the Guinness World Record.

Mr. Vickrant Mahajan taught the various nuances of enhancing and incorporating strong vocabulary

usage in our spoken as well as written English .He demonstrated the technique employed for becoming

an avid reader.

However, it was the post session with Mr.Mahajan that the lush green Goenkan acres came alive with

synergy as there was loud cheering of students on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Being a facilitator is not an easy job. One needs to be versatile and possess a knack of dealing with

children and young adults.Therefore,to honour and show their love and appreciation to their teachers,

the young students organized a plethora of melodious songs and electrifying dances.

It was an exhilarating moment when the Goenkan faculty received a thunderous applause from the

students and a grand reception. The theme for the occasion was “Retro”. One witnessed the faculty

metamorphosize into the popular actressess of yesteryears draped in gorgeous sarees.

It was raining entertainment. There was Music, dance, Skits, and delectable food.

It was indeed a memorable moment as most of the teachers became nostalgic about their student life.

It was a beautiful day well spent with the students where the teachers and students bonded not over

books, curriculum, CBSE, CCE etc but on building ‘trust’ with each other.

The Principal of the school Mr. Rajesh Rathore was exceedingly happy to be associated with the

Superpositivity Movement. He hoped that the students and the faculty will keep themselves abreast

with sound vocabulary for their improvement. He also wished all his colleagues a Very Happy Teacher’s Day

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