Handwara girl’s mother demands independent inquiry

The mother of the alleged molestation victim of Handwara school girl today said that the family has filed a case in the court and demanded an independent inquiry into the incident.

The mother said that the police and army have defamed her by releasing her video and the family will not trust the investigation of police and army into the incident.

“We have approached the court and demand an independent inquiry into the incident. We do not want police or Army – those who have done this – to inquire it. How can they investigate it when they have murdered the people? Our daughter was defamed. We want our dignity back. How can we leave our homes as such?” she said in a video released by the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society here.

The mother claimed that her daughter was made to record her statement under pressure by the police and army.

“She was alone while that statement was recorded and she was pressurized by police to give that statement. Her face was kept open while recording that statement and it was distributed to TV channels and other media,” the mother said.

Narrating the incident that led to the protests and clashes in the Handwara town, she claimed that an army man followed her daughter while going to the washroom.

“My daughter is 16-years-old. When she returning home after school, she went to a bathroom and was followed by an Army man. When she saw the Army man she raised an alarm, attracting attention of the nearby shopkeepers. The policemen also came to the scene but the Army man fled,” she said.

She said that the police did not inform the family when they took her to the police station.

“The girl, just 16 years, was then taken to a police station without informing the family.

She said that the youth protested against the molestation of her daughter but police and army fired on them.

“If someone is asking why the locals resorted to stone pelting, I want to tell them that when they saw their Muslim sister in such a situation, how could they have tolerated. Then the police and Army resorted to firing and martyred two boys. They were my sons too and I am pained,” she said.

Earlier, the mother was scheduled to address a press conference about the incident and the safety of her mother, but the police did not allow it.

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