Handwara violence; Take to task instigators

Handwara in Kashmir valley is on boil. 4 people have been killed including a budding young cricketer who could have made it to the national scene and brought laurels both to the state and the country. He would have become a priceless asset to the state. But he is no more. His family is shaken and so too is the entire state. Loss of young and dynamic lives is both tragic and disturbing.

The disturbances aided and abetted by anti-India elements in the valley have consumed one more precious life. Rumor mongers with Pro-Pakistan leanings have managed to put not only Handwara but entire Kashmir valley on fire. Dependent solely on killing of youngsters for their running their shops which otherwise would be shut, the so-called separatists have already given strike call and announced the notorious ‘Chalo Programmes’.

Their cause would be served if the situation deteriorates further. Irony is that they manage to spread their vicious propaganda, convince youngsters to pelt stones and get killed. This should change now with new Chief Minister in-charge. She met Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who assured her that the probe into the killings would be swift and guilty won’t be spared.

Mehbooba has expressed remorse over the killings and promised that if SOP violation is detected, tough action would follow. Army has also regretted the killings and ensured a fair probe. Even then, it seems that there is a constituency in Kashmir which does not want peace and normalcy to return to the state. A situation is created which leads to killings and mayhem. Then the same is exploited to the hilt to ensure that peace is disturbed and state could be put to blame.

The state does act but only against the stone-pelters and youngsters indulging in arson. Those instigating these youngsters are allowed to go scot-free. Barring Massarat Aalam, all others instigators are roaming out in open and disturbing peace in Kashmir valley. The government should immediately put all the agencies to task and ask them to find out in time-bound manner those who have instigated this violence.

From call records to Facebook posts, government should screen and search everything to find out those who have not allowed normalcy to return to Handwara. Besides, PDP-BJP government should neither let the security forces feel that they are under surveillance nor should they allow anyone to feel that he cannot scot free after violating the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). If the SOP has been violated and excess force allegation is proved, stringent action should be taken against the guilty.

An example should be made out of those officials who do not follow the guidelines and instructions issued by both the central and the state government. None should be spared. All those responsible should be taken to task. Apart from this, Handwara has given an opportunity to the PDP-BJP government to showcase its seriousness towards addressing this issue of killing of youngsters by taking to task both those who fire without following the SOP and those who provoke.


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