Hanuman to join Siya Ke Ram entourage

March 30:With Ram, Sita and Lakshman proceeding for vanwaas, Siya Ke Ram will have Lord Ram’s ardent devotee, Hanuman joining the trio in their journey.

To portray the pivotal character, the makers have roped in wrestler-turned actor Danish Akhtar, who is a staggering six foot six-inch tall, well, built man and a big name in the world of wrestling.

Producer Nikhil Sinha happened to discover him during a personal visit to Jalandhar. Elaborating on how he bagged the role of Hanuman, an excited Danish says, “I never thought I would end up coming in this field. Everything feels like a dream. Nikhil Sinha saw one of my wrestling matches and that’s when he decided to cast me as Hanuman.

It was his vision that convinced me to try out this role even though I was skeptical. I have been working hard on my acting skills for the last three months and reading up on the character. I can’t wait to begin shooting.”

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